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Transportation in Zion National Park

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The Zion Shuttle

From April through October, the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is accessible by shuttle bus only. You will need to park your car at the park entrance and then take the shuttle bus. The shuttles are clean-running propane buses which stop at 9 major locations in Zion Canyon. The system was created in an attempt to deal with the growing traffic. Before the shuttles were introduced the traffic was becoming worse and worse every year. In the summer there were frequent traffic jams and the noise and pollution from vehicle exhaust were unpleasant. Parking came in short supply. The shuttle system created a cleaner and quieter environment.

The shuttles only run during the busiest months of the year. The rest of the year the canyon road can be traveled in your private vehicle. The Zion Mt. Carmel Hwy (Highway 9), the main road through Zion National Park can traveled in private vehicles year-round. The shuttle is free of charge (there is an entrace fee for the Zion National Park, but nothing additional for the shuttle).

Home > Travel > Zion > Transportation